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Katie Gettys Coaching


The 8 week program for online teachers looking to expand their teaching business & stop trading their time for money


let's be honest

You probably want to...

✔️ Reach more students

✔️ Teach less hours

✔️ Continue to grow & expand your business

✔️ Start building passive income

But you're feeling...

✔️ Overwhelmed by your teaching schedule & exhausted by the end of the day.

✔️ Annoyed that you'll lose money if you ever decide to take time off or relax your teaching schedule.

✔️ Upset that you never have the time to implement your new class ideas, fulfill those schedule requests, or get started on that new platform.

let me introduce...

Online Teacher to CEO

A 8-week program for ambitious online teachers looking to transition their online teaching business into an organization, stop trading their time for money, & start to expand their impact & income.

  • Online Teacher to CEO is a one-of-a-kind program designed for those who have seen major success teaching online, have the demand, but don't have any more time in their schedule to meet it. They want to continue to grow and expand their business but they've hit a wall and want to find a way to scale.

    When I started to apply to become an organization, I wished there was someone to guide me through the whole process. I would have done anything for a course like this. And that’s why I decided to create this program & course. From having that CEO mindset, writing your application responses, the legal & financial questions, and even running your org after you get approved, I've got you covered.

    I've helped so many incredible teachers just like you already go through the process of becoming an organization-- I've watched them step into that CEO role & I cannot WAIT to continue to help more ambitious teacher entrepreneurs do the same.

    what you'll learn...

  • Module 1:


    CEO Mindset

    Market Research

    Mission Statement

    Org Name

    Module 2:

    Legal + Finances

    Legal Professionals

    Legal Entities

    I.C.s vs Employees


    EIN + Bank Account



    Module 3:

    Admin + Marketing

    Admin Setup


    External Marketing

    Social Media


    Visual Branding

    Module 4:


    Finding Teachers


    Hiring + Onboarding




    Module 5:

    Running Your Org

    Updating Your Profile

    Organizing Your Org

    Growth Strategies

    Marketing As An Org

    Virtual Assistants

    Setting Expectations

    What's inside OT2CEO?

    5 Video Modules

    These modules walk you through everything you need to know when getting started as an organization, from picking a name, to meeting with a lawyer, to applying. You'll feel confident in your foundations & ready to expand your biz.

    5 Module Workbooks

    Once you've learned from your video modules, it's time to get to work, brainstorm, and make CEO decisions in your module workbooks. These will walk you through all the next steps and help you start taking action!

    THREE 60 Min 1:1 Coaching Calls

    This process, everything you're learning & implementing, it can feel confusing and overwhelming, even with the course materials. That's why it's so important to have someone to talk through all of this with so I can coach you through any major questions, concerns, or counsel you need while going through this transition.

    8 Weeks WhatsApp Access

    I know things will come up day-to-day between coaching calls that you have questions about, and I'm here to help every step of this journey! Send any questions, voice notes, or ideas my way and I'm here to help you through even the smallest things & cheer you on as you take on these exciting transitions.

    ...and there are bonuses!


    #1 Website Audit

    Creating your website is a big project, but it's a required to apply to be an organization. Once you've finished your org's, I'll take a deep-dive look to make sure you've dotted your i's and crossed your t's and have met all the requirements.

    #2 Application Assistance

    Once you've written out your answers for your application, send them my way and I will double-check them to make sure they are up to the platform's standards for hiring AND if you do not get accepted, I will continue to do this EVERY time you reapply until we get you accepted, no matter how long that takes.

    what are you waiting for?

    It's time to let go of control take messy action...join now!

    I'M READY!

    what my clients are saying...

    "Katie helped me get my organization up and running from start to finish. Her easy to follow steps, checklist and 1:1 session helped guide me to doing everything I needed to in order to be accepted as an org on Outschool! Happy to report, everything that katie told me to do… worked! I was accepted as an official org last week"

    --Allyson Cook, Owner of The Afternoon Connection Academy

    "I can’t believe I’m an organization owner. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I thought God had fulfilled my dream when I became an Outschool teacher, but little did I know there was more in store. I wholeheartedly believe God created Katie to be not only an incredible teacher, but also to coach and inspire other teachers."

    -- Shannon Timme, Owner of Set Fitness LLC

    "Before working with Katie, I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed as to what my next steps should be in my business. I’m so thankful for our meeting and the clear tools that she put together to help in my journey ahead. I’m not only inspired, but now having started the journey towards an organization, am also hopeful knowing that Katie is in my corner for support!"

    - Diana Cummings, Owner of Dynamic Piano Studio LLC

    "Katie is an incredible and humble human being. We did a one on one consultation about becoming an Organization. It has helped me tremendously on what my next steps will be...she makes you feel like a new friend, not just a client. I would recommend her to any new or old Outschool teacher hoping to grow their platform."

    - Amber Voeller, Owner of Playhouse Studio LLC

    "Before working with Katie, I had the established Outschool business, but I was teaching as many hours as I could and I didn’t quite know how to continue to grow my business. After working with Katie, I had so much more confidence and clarity about how to grow, had actionable steps to achieve what I wanted to…I would just say that [working with Katie] is the single best decision I have made in my business to date."

    - Elizabeth Pope, Owner of Sparkology Education LLC

    hi, i'm katie!

    I'm a full-time Outschool organization owner & teacher coach, here to help you build & scale a purposeful & profitable online teaching career that will support your lifestyle & passions. 

    After quitting my public school job to travel the world & teach ESL online for 1.5 years, I dug myself into a huge financial hole & felt a complete & total lack of professional purpose.

    In June of 2020, I started teaching guitar & ukulele online with Outschool, where I had a 5-figure months my second & third months teaching. I've since gone on to make over $100k on the OS platform & serve hundreds of incredible kiddos.
    Now I live a life of financial freedom & location independence doing what I love most & I'm here to help other teachers do the same!

    Imagine in just 8 weeks...

    ✔️ Your teachers running your classes on autopilot

    ✔️ Finally having the time to open up that TPT shop & start building those passive income streams

    ✔️ Planning a three week vacation this summer & still making money from your classes while you're traveling

    ✔️ Deciding to teach because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to

    take it from them...

    -- Elizabeth Pope, Owner of Sparkology Education

    -- Shannon Timme, Owner of Set Fitness LLC

    -- Diana Cummings, Owner of Dynamic Piano Studio LLC

    It's time to step into your role as a